Saturday, April 28, 2007

e = –1

Step aside, Fama & French.

Move on down, Merton, Black & Scholes.

Piss off, Miller & Modigliani.

A new cohort of economic geniuses has shouldered its way to the front of the line, when it comes to true understanding of the global financial markets (and the smokin' hot trade tips which fall naturally out of this revelation).

You cognoscenti already know whereof (whomof?) I speak. For all those else among my benighted readership still in search of said clue, prepare yourself for a new set of names to be graven upon the shining brow of Athena:

Yes, I speak of those shining geniuses, those paragons of portfolio proselytizing holding court at go-to stock tip website Long or Short Capital. Those of you Dear Readers who have not followed the web link to their site which has been winking invitingly at you from the lower left side of this blogsite for many moons are urged—no, commanded—to pay your respects posthaste. Your wives, your children, and even your mistresses will thank you profusely.

Some shameless cynics among you (yes, I am speaking of you, Mr. Frank Willicott) might scoff at this timely apotheosis of my pals Mr., Johnny, and Kaiser, and claim baselessly that it is due to their recent recommendation of this blogsite to their readership. I should not dignify such pathetic cavilling with a response, but I will point out that I have been a fan and acolyte of Messrs. LoS for much longer than most of you have been alive, as this post can attest. Quibble if you will, but I have been cleaning up in the market by following their investment recommendations; have you?

Ever since that beery night at the Cedar Tavern in 1983 when Robert Merton sobbingly told me that the Capital Asset Pricing Model was a crock of shit, I have been searching in the wilderness for a prophet to follow. I tell you from experience, these guys are the real deal.

P.S. – Those Readers who click through to LoS and read my comment there should not be offended that I implied any of you were short a card or two in your deck: I was just buffing their egos a little. (Academics can be so needy.) I have documented proof that 86.3% of you are card-carrying members of Mensa.

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