Thursday, February 8, 2007

Lucky Fool

Dear Readers — It appears I have been failing you, my only constituency. I have received several e-mails along the following lines:
Yo, T.E.D. —

You write too much. Don't you have a job?

Anyway, don't you know that no-one visits a blog about Wall Street and M&A to read about corporate governance, CEO pay, or any of that other [stuff]? We want to know how to get RICH.

Now, are you gonna deliver, or do I have to go to

Vinnie S.
Brooklyn, NY

Herewith, I share my response:

Dear Vinnie — You are right. I'm sorry. I have gotten a little carried away with blogorrhea, but my doctor assures me it comes from my newness to the medium, and it will pass. I do have a job, but I have been able to post so much because my partners believe I am busy financing a high speed rail link in Somalia.

You're also right about the lack of wealth-building pointers. I thought there already were enough blogs out there dispensing investment advice, but I guess there's always room for one more.

In lieu of specific stock tips, I will pay for my shortcomings this time by sharing with you the best advice on how to get rich that I have ever received, courtesy of my friends and investment advisers at Long or Short Capital. It is a little article entitled "Four Simple Steps to Becoming a Billionaire," penned by my pal, Johnny Debacle. Enjoy.

Cordially yours,

Nassim Taleb would be proud.

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