Monday, November 5, 2012

Get Up Offa That Thing

You know what to do
To VOTE tomorrow.


It is rational.

Not only is it rational, under certain circumstances it can be morally virtuous.

And, notwithstanding the preceding perspectives, it is a civic duty1 which is entirely reasonable and rational for the democratic society to which you putatively belong to expect you to perform. It is a voluntary, non-monetary tax, if you will, a donation of your time and inconvenience toward the common good from which you and the rest of your fellow citizens daily benefit.

Finally, regardless of your political or ideological affiliation, you must appreciate that the more people like you vote, the less likely our polity will be hijacked by the whackos, the unhinged, and the mentally and morally bankrupt members of the opposition.

Unless, of course, you are a member of said whackos, unhinged, etc. In which case I suggest you vote Thursday.

Happy Citizenship Day!

1 I am well aware, O Dearest and Most Indulgent of Readers, that duty is an unpopular word (and concept) in our current culture and society. I remain unapologetic in its use, and consider its unpopularity to be a stain upon the society which undervalues it, rather than a valid critique of the concept itself. Call me anachronistic if you will. I’ve been called worse.

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