Thursday, September 20, 2007


That's a relief.

With the courteous assistance of those clever Dutch over at, I just tested whether TED has been blocked from viewing by the teeming hordes of Communist China. It has.

Up until this morning, I was beginning to worry that my snarky little posts pointing out the fraud, follies, and shenanigans in our lovely financial markets were beginning to disabuse all those budding criminals capitalists of their childlike hope in the future of the global market economy.

Fortunately, the Maoist-Confucian Society for Right Thinking has banned access to these pages by its citizens, no doubt along with all the other dreck and drivel collectively lumped under the domain "" Therefore, we can safely conclude that China's direct and indirect investment in The Blackstone Group, various hedge funds, and that special form of crack cocaine known as residential real estate is safe from imminent withdrawal.

Feel free to breathe a sigh of relief that the Greater Fool remains blissfully uninformed of its error of judgment, comfy behind its protective defenses. By the time the Chinese have figured out we have sold them a bill of goods—matched only in size and extent by the time we sold the entire commercial real estate stock of Manhattan six times over to the Japanese for 200% of replacement cost, and threw in the contents of the Metropolitan Museum of Art to boot—we will all be lighting newly unembargoed Cuban cigars with worthless fifty dollar bills on our repossessed hedge fund yachts in the Azores.

Talk about information asymmetry.

Hat tip to Lee Distad, who checked first.

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