Friday, August 3, 2007

Reader Survey

There is just no pleasing you people, is there?

I have received some strenuously negative feedback from certain of my Devoted Readers concerning the recent redesign of this blog site, especially as concerns the background color. Attentive Readers with too little to do during the current market swoon will remember that I changed it from its previous lemon-lime-yellowish-kind-of-thing to the current white in response to complaints that it lacked a certain gravitas.

Well, now I learn that some of you were quite devoted to the original yellow, either as an invigorating visual substitute for caffeine and Adderall in the morning or as a reminder of my—shall we say—rather bilious world view.

So, being too lazy to work out all the aesthetic issues myself, and being too mindful of the happiness of the majority of my Dear Readers, I have decided to resort to that last refuge of a scoundrel, the reader poll. (Up next, online focus groups?)

You will find it nestled comfortably under my image to the left of this blog. I believe I have anticipated all possible color choices you might have, but I have allowed you to vote for more than one choice, should you be wracked with existential doubt. The poll will remain open for the rest of the month. Exercise your rights, Citizens!

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