Saturday, August 11, 2007

More Works to Look On and Despair

It has been not quite three months since I last regaled you Dear Readers with a hand-picked selection of my best work to date, modestly entitled "The Canon." Accordingly, it is about time for my semi-annual review1 of blog post candidates for beatification and enrollment onto the list.

To my delight, folly, avarice, and hubris have been thick on the ground these past few months, so I have had plenty of grist for my metaphorical mill. Having slaughtered many innocent pixels on the altar of Better Information Through Vanity Publishing on the Internet, I had copious material from which to select the following gems. (Those of you sensitive to Green issues can consider this my contribution to global recycling, if you wish.)

Without further ado, I offer you the current crop of the best and brightest:

It's Good to Be the King: Corporate wives do their utmost for their husbands' companies' shareholders. What's not to like?: Mel Brooks and a boob picture. A reader favorite. (You naughty dogs.)
The $7 Billion Mouse ... er ... Man: Steve Schwarzman is both rich and short. I know, I know, it was a shock to me too.
Tax Breaks for Everyone!: TED beats the dead horse of private equity taxation with abandon and thoroughly enjoys himself. (More related sniping can be found at The Taxman Cometh and B(ogus Ta)X.)
Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes: The Chrysler buyout financing runs into a ditch.
Marks in the Sand: The first installment in my ongoing rant on the subprime CDO imbroglio. Many, many words. Consider yourself forewarned.
Penny Wise: A rare inside view into what goes on inside Steve Schwarzman's head. Crack investigative reporting, if I do say so myself.
Fingernails that Shine Like Justice: TED dresses in drag and discovers that women are few and far between in investment banking. Whassup? A clear favorite with time-wasters and Cake fans.

All the Dealmakers toddle off to our ancestral manse in sub-Saharan Winnipeg tomorrow, so this font of wisdom is officially closed, at least for a few weeks. Try not to burn anything down while I am away.

1 Yes, yes, I know: three months does not a semi-ann make. But time moves faster on the internet. Go back to your Sudoku puzzle.
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