Monday, April 16, 2007

On a Knife's Edge

This just in, from a survey of 340 European M&A bankers, lawyers, and other riffraff by virtual datasite provider (don't ask) IntraLinks for swingin' UK finance trade rag Financial News (subscription required):

Surprised outside a posh London eatery with this stunning new perspective on the future return expectations for his industry by some of his most important service providers, Permira pooh-bah Damon Buffini looked visibly shaken. "Well, this is news, an' no mistake. We're obviously going to 'ave to 'ave a complete refink of the business model at the next partners' meeting," he exclaimed.

Mr. Buffini claimed not to be surprised that M&A professionals do not think higher purchase prices paid for French companies will make it harder to meet return expectations: "Well, that's no surprise, innit? No-one can make a return off the bloody French no matter what price they pay."

Mr. Buffini's companion Victoria Beckham offered no reaction to the news.

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