Monday, December 7, 2009

All Hail the New Decembrists

Trot on over, kiddies, to Your Curmudgeonly Blogosopher's new blog site, The New Decembrists, if you get half a mo'.

It is subtitled "A Public Forum for the Discussion of Financial Regulation and Reform," and, by golly, that is what it is intended to be. While Yours Truly remains for now the sole editor and inspiration for the site, I hope and expect many other contributors, commenters, and gadabouts will join the conversation about one of the more important topics of our time. While I have encountered many interesting posts, articles, and conversations about the topic of financial regulation and reform on the web, these seem to be scattered about and difficult to find. The new site is designed to be a clean, well-lighted place for all such ruminations to gather, if not in peace, then at least under one roof.

Aficionados of this site will be intrigued to learn that The New Decembrists will welcome comments, as long as they are on-topic, at least vaguely intelligent, and/or stylishly amusing. Sadly, I have no current intent to change my no-comment policy here. This is because, while I freely admit to not knowing everything there is to know about financial regulation and reform—and hence am happy to invite the thoughts of others at TND—I am unshaken in my belief that I know absolutely everything else. Allowing my Faithful Readers to comment here would merely encourage you to tell me things I already know or embarrass yourself needlessly.

Never let it be said, Dear Friends, that I am not always looking out for your welfare.

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