Monday, January 15, 2007

Bon Voyage

An Open Letter to Equity Private

Re: The King's English

Dear EP — I hope this message finds you well. Perhaps you are already in place in Old Blighty, watching out for crazy drivers roaring down the wrong side of the road and deciding whether you should incorporate the Brits' quaint spellings ("rancour," "stigmatise") into your postings on Going Private.

I do hope you will continue your blog. Firstly, for selfish reasons, because I have linked to GP from my own blog, and I always need fresh and funny content. Secondly, because I hope you realize that much of your audience is composed of people like me, old and battered specimens who do not have the wit or wisdom to find another profession. We would find your ongoing sardonic observations from London a continuing breath of fresh air. Sadly, the young tadpoles you have been trying to warn away from private equity do not seem to be listening, anyway. Besides, think of all the new material you will get!

Speaking from my brief experience as a City expat in London, I think you will find your stay there more agreeable than you expect. The food is better than you think (if you eat out), and, as an American (I know, I know, you have not definitively identified yourself as such, but, really), you will find more people are disposed to like you than you think. Heck, most of the people you will work with in London are Americans, anyway.

Except for the Brits and the Europeans. Watch out for them.

Cordially Yours,

The Epicurean Dealmaker

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